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Stephanie Mayberry

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Stephanie A. Mayberry is a writer, photographer, and author. Her work can be found on various sites all around the web. Learn more about her at

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How the Dunning-Kruger Effect is destroying your marketing strategy | Marketing Matters

You may not be familiar with the Dunning-Kruger Effect by name, but if you have spent any time around humans you have very likely seen it in action. The short definition is the malady of the inflated ego, but I like a little more detail...

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The Squirrel, the Cat, and the Large White Man (The Dangers of Distracted Marketing) | Marketing Matters

What do squirrels, cats, a large white man, and distracted marketing have in common?

More than you think.

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The Care and Feeding of your Creative | Marketing Matters

Creatives don’t have the best reputation. I know, I am one. Fortunately, I was blessed with a logical brain that keeps me pretty grounded. I can’t always say the same for my emotionally driven, creative, kindred spirits though. Some can be real characters and make working with them quite interesting to say the least.