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Stephanie Mayberry

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Stephanie A. Mayberry is a writer, photographer, and author. Her work can be found on various sites all around the web. Learn more about her at

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R word article
The Christian Aspie

On Being Called the "R" Word

I write about this because I think it probably happens more than people realize.
Autism is not the “r” word (retarded or mentally/developmentally inferior), but many people still feel and believe that...

Perfect article
The Christian Aspie

The Christian Aspie

I like perfection. I understand that many Aspies are this way.
I like to do things perfectly, I HATE to make mistakes or have someone criticize my work (because that means it was not perfect). Even wi...

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The Christian Aspie

From your Disabled Employee

I am a person.
I am not a drone that exists to do your bidding. I honor your authority because God placed you there, but He did not put you there so you could abuse, belittle, demean, provoke, harm or...

The Christian Aspie

COUNSEL: New Christian

The other day I hurt my back. I rested, used heat, even took some ibuprofen, but it was only getting worse. Finally, after three days of barely being mobile, I broke down and had my husband take me to...

The Christian Aspie

Pride is a Heavy Burden

This morning, God put something on my heart that He has been pressing me to write for quite a while. It started some months ago, early one morning. God was definitely moving that morning as I prayed a...

The Christian Aspie

The Walmart Church

Welcome to the Wal-Mart church, home of the low price guarantee! We guarantee that your salvation will available for the lowest price possible. Confession, repentance, a quick dunk in the Baptismal (i...