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Stephanie A. Mayberry is a writer, photographer, and author. Her work can be found on various sites all around the web. Learn more about her at

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Medicare IDs to Replace Social Security Numbers ...

Medicare IDs to Replace Social Security Numbers ......

Dehumanization of technology article

Is Technology Dehumanizing Our Society — Or Are We? - DIALOG MAGAZINE

Is technology robbing us of our humanity? It’s a valid question. All we have to do is look around to see evidence of a world turning more toward machines and leaving our humanity behind.

What is striking, though, is that people blame the machines — they blame technology for the dehumanization of society. Do they fail to recall just who created that technology? The only way that technology can dehumanize our society is if we humans allow it.

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Declining Morality: Ethical Relativism & Work - DIALOG MAGAZINE

“What is right for you may not be what is right for me.” We’ve all heard this expression and for some things it may be true. However, more and more often, this idiom is being associated with ethical and moral behaviors and actions, steadily blurring the lines between right and wrong. This mindset gained traction, particularly with young people...

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RV Hurricane and Storm Safety

When the bad weather rolls in you will sometimes need to be able to make quick decisions. These tips will help you prepare and make a plan to protect your family, RV, and your property so you aren't caught off guard.

No see ums article

Save Yourself! Getting rid of No See Ums

They can ruin your outdoor fun in no time flat. One minute you’re enjoying your barbeque or visiting with friends and the next you are being assaulted by some unseen force with a painful bite that results in red bumps or welts – that itch like crazy.
I’m talking about the biting midge, also known as “no see ums.” If you’ve spent any time outside, especially near water, you have probably already become acquainted with them. They are not good friends to have.

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10 Things to do BEFORE you Jump into Full Timing

When we first decided to become full timers we really didn’t know what to expect. We made a lot of mistakes in the beginning but we learned a lot in the process. This is a short list of a few things I wish someone had told us before we went full time – so I’m telling you.

Trophy   pixtawan article

How the Dunning-Kruger Effect is destroying your marketing strategy | Marketing Matters

You may not be familiar with the Dunning-Kruger Effect by name, but if you have spent any time around humans you have very likely seen it in action. The short definition is the malady of the inflated ego, but I like a little more detail...

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How to Control Mosquitoes at your Campsite

This country has experienced record breaking rainfall in several regions this year and while some may welcome the moisture, it does bring some unwanted visitors – mosquitoes. These little suckers (blood suckers that is) thrive in areas with dense vegetation and shade.

Hmmm, does that sound like your campsite? Do you enjoy sitting outside, enjoying nature, maybe with a couple of steaks on the grill, yet you feel like the mosquitoes are going to carry you off? If so, read on to find out how to control them or at least keep them at a minimum.

Squirrel article

The Squirrel, the Cat, and the Large White Man (The Dangers of Distracted Marketing) | Marketing Matters

What do squirrels, cats, a large white man, and distracted marketing have in common?

More than you think.

1439814194 blog image article

Road Work: How I Make a Living on the Road

One of the biggest concerns of full timers who hit the road is how they will pay their expenses. Most of us are not independently wealthy so if we want to eat, we have to find a way to earn money. Fortunately for me, I have a job I can do anywhere: I’m a freelance writer.

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Cajun Camping Eats: Louisiana Gumbo

Now that the weather is getting a little cooler it’s time to cozy up with some good, old fashioned comfort food. I grew up in Louisiana and when we started to notice the chill in the air down there we know it’s gumbo time (or sauce piquante, etouffee, and jambalaya, but those are other posts).
Served over steaming rice (Jasmine is my favorite), gumbo is so rich and delicious. It is the perfect cool weather comfort food – Cajun style.

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What is the best RV for full-timing?

I get asked this a lot by people who want to full time and others who are just curious. My husband and I live in a Vantage 32FLS. It is big enough for us and well built, but it isn’t for everyone. We did a lot of research and looked in a lot of RVs before we found one that we knew we could live with – literally. Here are some things to consider.

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Givhans Ferry State Park

If you enjoy RV campgrounds that give you the peace and quiet of nature but are just a short drive to the hustle and bustle and a beautiful, historic city, then have I got a park for you! Givhans Ferry State Park is in Ridgeville, South Carolina, less than an hour from the heart of Charleston. It is a beautiful area though, with hiking trails and the gorgeous Edisto River running right through it.
The campground itself is comprised of 25 spaces that rent for $14 a night and are appropriate for various types of camping.

Open article

Tips on Taking Great Travel Photos While RVing

As you probably know by now I am a writer and photographer. I love getting those awesome travel shots; you know the ones. They reflect the flavor and culture of an area. I once shot in a junkyard and came back with some pretty incredible photos. I thought I would share some of my favorite tips with you for getting those great shots while you travel in your RV–not the typical, garden variety, postcard photos, but ones that will transport you to another time, another place.

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RV Pest Control: Pest Prevention

The best way to prevent pest infestations in your RV is to make it inhospitable to pests. Yep, it’s that simple. Sure the random roach may wander in, or some ants may try to invade, but if you use the tips in my other posts you should have no trouble making your RV pest free.