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Stephanie A. Mayberry is a writer, photographer, and author. Her work can be found on various sites all around the web. Learn more about her at

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Parenting a Teenager: 25 Telltale Clues You Are Living With A Teen

Parenting is the greatest job anyone can have, but the teen years have a way of sneaking up on you. One day your child is the cute, dimpled, roly poly baby and the next he is the tall, handsome young ...

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Helping your Teen Escape Abusive or Destructive Relationships

No parent wants to see their teen hurt, abused or manipulated. It our basest instincts to step in and protect our children from harm. However, we can not protect our children from every single hurt an...

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Parenting: Preparing Our Children For Independence

Letting go can be very hard to do, but very important in developing your teens independence
What should your teen know about being independent? How do we, as parents, know when it is time for our offs...

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The Computer and the Teen Brain: Just What is the Impact?

Technology is the proverbial dual edged sword. On the one hand, it makes our lives so much easier by connecting us with information from a variety of places without requiring us to leave our homes. It...